About GroundShift


GroundShift is an "experiment in experiential politics," a new and creative weekend of civic empowerment, art, and community building. 

For three days, we will bring together organizers, activists, policy-makers, social workers, musicians, poets, and "active citizens" to consider this moment in American life, the systems that influence us, and how we can collectively and compassionately intervene. Through education, art, and conversation, we will build lasting values-driven community, and attempt to re-imagine what’s possible.


Throughout the weekend, you’ll have the chance to explore the three core program pillars of GroundShift: 


Civic Empowerment
Learn from organizers, political leaders and activists about our systems of power and opportunities to change the status quo. Experience workshops, talks, art and activities that explore the history of social movements and political change. 

Celebrate the ways that our identities intersect with music and performances. Learn to source your own voice and story. Participate in creative projects and activities from our partners.

Unlock the wisdom of your own experience through facilitated conversations. Hear other’s stories and rethink your own during guided discussions and activities.  Unwind and connect through nature walks, basketball, yoga and more. 


For specifics on the program and the retreat schedule, see the program page

Read about the core values animating the experience.

For the latest updates, check out our news page


Who's Organizing This Thing?

GroundShift is a co-created, volunteer-run experience. Our organizing team is a diverse group unified by our desire to create a values-driven community and a more just and sustainable world. We work across industries, have experienced politics in a myriad of ways, and come to this experience lifted by our histories.

We’re organizers, designers, teachers, poets, and policy experts. We were in Germany as Communism fell. We journeyed to the United States as immigrants. For GroundShift, we identify as conveners of a space that we're excited for you to fill with your stories, skills, and passion. Meet us. 


Can You Give Me More Details?


GroundShift will take place at Camp Hilltop in Hancock, New York. Established in 1924, Camp Hilltop is a private and family-run summer camp, with over 600 acres of woodlands, and a lake. Plus, it’s only two and a half hours from NYC.


A bus will be provided to and from NYC to Camp Hilltop. (Click here for details.) Parking is available for the rare New Yorkers who own a car. 

Hancock, NY is 140 miles from both the Albany airport and Newark International Airport. Publicly available buses leave from Port Authority station in NYC to Hancock twice per day.


All attendees will be assigned a bed in a shared cabin. Please bring your own sheets, pillows, blankets, and towels. It’s camp, after all! To see more info about gender and housing, please visit our FAQ page.

Meals and Drinks

All meals, including food for folks with dietary restrictions, will be provided in the camp cafeteria. Saturday night's party will include wine and beer.


GroundShift is a chance to connect offline. Since our goal is to delve deeper into a community, we ask that you limit technology use to designated areas, except in cases of personal security. There isn’t much cell coverage to work with. 


We are working hard to increase accessibility to the camp and its activities. All efforts will be made to be as accommodating as possible.

For full details, check out the FAQ page