Schedule & Programming

GroundShift Schedule

Schedule is subject to change. Workshops (see below) will be added weekly.


5:00pm - Bus departs NYC

7:30pm - Cabin check-in

8:00pm – Dinner

9:00pm – Opening & grounding

10:30pm – Bonfire/Explore*



8:30am – Morning movement/contemplation

9:00am – Breakfast

10:00am – Facilitated group conversation (equity & identity)

11:45am – Small group reflection 

12:30pm – Full group reflection

1:00pm – Lunch

2:30pm – Workshops Session #1

4:00pm – Break

4:30pm – Workshops Session #2

6:00pm – Relax/Explore*

8:00pm – Dinner

9:30pm – Bonfire/performances

10:30pm - Outdoor dance party 


8:30am – Morning movement/contemplation 

9:00am – Breakfast

10:00am – Org processing/Explore 

11:00am – Workshops #3

12:30pm  Lunch 

1:00pm – Open Space** 

2:30pm – Closing Circle

3:45pm – Depart


*Explore includes visiting on-site installations, art exhibits, the reading & sound rooms, poetry house, and hiking trails

**Open space refers to self-organized discussions around topics of interest



GroundShift is an immersive weekend featuring different forms of learning and experience. The core workshop curriculum is built around three program pillars: 


Unlock the wisdom of your own experience through facilitated conversations. Hear other’s stories and rethink your own during guided discussions and activities.  Unwind and connect through nature walks, basketball, yoga and more. 


Civic Empowerment
Learn from organizers, political leaders and activists about our systems of power and opportunities to change the status quo. Experience workshops, talks, art and activities that explore the history of social movements and political change. 


Celebrate the ways that our identities intersect with music and performances. Learn to source your own voice and story. Participate in creative projects and activities from our partners.


Workshops will focus on the systems of lives and how we can influence them. Including: 

  • CrImmigration: Understanding the Criminalization of Immigration >>> Mateo Guerrero (Make the Road)
  • Hacking Capitalism: The Economics of Resistance >>> Hadassah Damien (Ride Free Fearless Money)
  • Healing for Justice >>> Cassady Fendlay (Women's March

  • Embodied Leadership: Aligning Personal & Collective Healing >>> Dara Silverman (PowerLabs

  • Let's Get Local: Leveraging Local Elected Offices >>> Arielle Swernoff (Launch Progress PAC
  • Rhythm Therapy: Awaken! >>> Jeanine Abraham 
  • Resisting Attacks on Democracy >>> Aditi Juneja (Protect Democracy)
  • Be the Legislation You Want to See In the World: Legislative Theater >>> Ariel Speedwagon  
  • Intersectional Science: Unpacking Scientific Narratives from Oppressive Cultures >>> Kendra Kreuger (4 Love & Science
  • Examining the Intersection of Class and Race >>> Mel Meder (Resource Generation
  • Hanging In: How Can Healers Heal Themselves >>> Laura Galindez, MSW 

  • A New New York: NY State Politics 101  >>> Ava Benezra (Working Families Party)

  • The Cops in Your Head: Breaking through Internal Bias >>> Charlie Whitewolf & Max Freedman (Theater of the Oppressed NYC)

  • The Body as a System: Practical Lessons for Sustainable Health from Integrated Medicine >>> David Rubira

  • Belonging: the Science of Community & Well-Being >>> Megan Lipsett (Copia Health & Camp Grounded)  

  • Advocating Effectively: How Public Policy is Made & Changed >>> Tracie Gardner (Legal Action CenterThe Advocacy Institute)

  • Introduction to Democratic Socialism >>>  Ariel Zakarison & Sam Natale (Democratic Socialists of America)

Additional workshops from the following partners will be announced soon:

Residencies & Experiences

Outside of the core programming, there are plenty of other opportunities to learn, play, and connect with your fellow participants.


Facilitated Cabin Conversations
Your cabin will be your home base. Our cabin leaders are experienced facilitators with diverse backgrounds and skill-sets to help you feel welcome, connect with others, and navigate the variety of offerings.

maxresdefault (3).jpg

A team of resident writers and poets, led by renowned slam poet Joel Francois, will bring the issues to life through personal stories and language, and work with you to connect to the issues. Read more about the program here.


Light Installations

Walk the woods at night surrounded by messages of hope and resilience from years past. Courtesy of Athena Soules and the NYC Light Brigade.   

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 12.09.01 AM.png

Artistic Residencies
Engage with resident artists creating work about the political moment. Curated by Forward Union, a platform connecting artists and art workers with justice organizations. Read more about the program here


Social Movement Library
Connect to the history of social struggle in a reading room curated by The Interference Archive, New York's only archive dedicated to preserving social movement history. Posters, zines, flyers -- and your own books. 


Outdoor Dance Party

Get joyful under the stars Saturday night at our outdoor dance party. With music curated by Miss Sabado and DJ Scribe of I Love Vinyl. Read an interview with Miss Sabado.  

Other Immersive Experiences

GroundShift is meant to be a participatory and creative weekend. At all times different activities and experiences will be running through the camp.


Local History  


Civic Board Games

designed by Molly McLeod


Power Maps



Hiking Trails


Theater Gamess



Movement & Meditation