Our Artists-in-Residence

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In addition to our “Voices-in-Residence,” we’re also inviting a series of visual and performance artists to create work on-site with attendees as part of our GroundShift “Artist-in-Residence” program.

Curated by Forward Union, an organization that works to connect the art world to social justice organizations, the residencies will feature artists co-creating work on-site with GroundShift participants -- installations, performances and social sculptures. The artists will also be given space and time on-site to do work of their own, on themes related to the gathering. 

Our hope is that the program will demonstrate in real time how culture can provide alternative avenues for political and social understanding, and how art can be a powerful tool for messaging and social struggle. 

We also want participants to gain a better sense of how artists work, especially artists explicitly engaged with the social and political moment. What motivates them? How do they approach their themes? How do their own stories find expression through their crafts?

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Among the artists featured will be Jesus Benavente. Mexican-American, born in San Antonio, Benavente works to test and explore identity in a world pretending to be post-identity, and present his reality as a Latino living in Trump’s America. Recent exhibitions and performances include Performa 13, Chashama, Shin Museum of Art in South Korea, Vox Populi in Philadelphia, the Kingston Sculpture Biennial, and Austin Museum of Art.

Cara Levine, who is based in LA, will be presenting two pieces -- a tribute to Black Lives Matter and a commentary on gun violence. Levine, who works at the intersection of sculpture, video, and performance, has shown work at Wattis Center for Contemporary Art in San Francisco, the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, and the Center for Contemporary Art in Tel Aviv.  Over the last 7 years, she has also worked extensively with the disability arts community with organizations including NIAD (Richmond CA), Creative Growth (Oakland CA), UCPLA (Los Angeles), Project Grow and Public Annex (Portland OR). 

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David Moriya is a Brooklyn-based photographer, originally from California. He's the founder of Rogue Photo (originally the Resistance Photography Project), a nonprofit for photojournalist documenting protests around the country. Over the previous two years he has documented over 50 actions and demonstrations. In his professional work, he specialized in music and has served as the personal photographer for Alicia Keys. 

We couldn't be more thrilled to have them all involved!

Stay tuned for the announcement of additional artists. Interested in being an Artist-in-Residence yourself? Write us at community@groundshift.us. 

Lots of exciting details to come!

Duncan Wall