Meet the Partner: Collective Agency

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The Collective Agency brings together media professionals who want to use their expertise to amplify the efforts of resistance groups across the country. The GroundShift team is fortunate–– and super grateful–– to have Collective Agency as a partner organization. We spoke to their Executive Director, Kathryn Jones, via email about the mission of Collective Agency, and what she hopes to accomplish during GroundShift:

How did your organization start?

Collective Agency was borne out of the first Action Group Network meeting held by Beau Willimon in Gowanus on November 19th, 2016. We began as a volunteer collective of creatives dedicated to amplifying the voice of the resistance. Since that Saturday we have created dozens of videos, live-streams, graphics, animations, and branding strategies for large and small resistance groups. Our team keeps growing and the jobs keep rolling in.

What are your key issues right now?

We are issue agnostic and service oriented, so we respond to the organizations that seek us out for media help. Current projects that we are working on for various organizations address immigrant rights, racial justice, climate change, Citizens United and the Pence/Kobach Voter Commission.

What’s a big victory that you’ve had in the last year?

We've had a couple of projects garner huge distribution: Our Immigrants: Make A Family Plan cartoon, designed by Danica Novgorodoff for the Santa Cruz Immigration Action Group. Our #MayDayAction Video which we created for Casa In Action and repurposed for Make The Road and Rise (Matt Deakin, Geoff Miles, Rachel Clift). Our #SanctuaryHomes video for Hand In Hand, featuring Eve Ensler.

However, our biggest win is the community of creatives that we've built.

What do you think is the biggest challenge of the current political moment?

Unity within the progressive movement.

What excites you, if anything, about the current political moment?

These are dark, dark days, but they also could be the most important, productive times in the history of the progressive movement. There are so many new activists who have been ignited to raise their voices and use their skills to support a better America. There are so many new activists who have re-dedicated their lives and careers to civic causes. There are so many new friendships being forged and movements being built. We may well look back on these days as the crucible of a new, progressive America.

What are three other orgs that you want to shout out for their amazing work?

Civic Hall, an incredibly supportive space in Manhattan. Also Prog Hack Night, which brings together activists and technologist. Action Blitz is great too.

Why are you participating in GroundShift?

Because activism is non-stop and we all need a space to regroup, heal and reignite. To strengthen the relationships we have built this year and to nurture new ones. To learn more about our community at large. To be inspired. To learn. To stretch ourselves, creatively, intellectually and personally.

Want to get involved in GroundShift? We hope so! Sliding scale tickets are available here.

This interview has been lightly edited for brevity and clarity

Duncan Wall