Meet the Partner: Indivisible Brooklyn


Indivisible Brooklyn is part of the nationwide Indivisible grassroots movement and is open to all people dedicated to inclusion, tolerance and fairness. They are organizing to take political action in three areas: federal, state, and city governments. 

The GroundShift team is fortunate–– and super grateful–– to have Indivisible BK as a partner organization. We spoke to Ginger Albertson, who on the Ops Committee, about the mission of Indivisible, and what the organization hopes to accomplish during GroundShift:

How did your organization start? 

Last January, Pete Martin started Indivisible Brooklyn with his friends. Then it grew to friends of friends. Eventually, he was added to Indivisible National's group locator page. They held three initial meetings and decided the group structure, as well as the teams for city, state, and federal levels. 

What are your key issues right now?

We are working to ensure racial justice underpins all our work. Key issues we focus on are immigration deportation in NYC, DACA, NYC primary get out the vote, and the IDC.

What’s a big victory that you’ve had in the last year? 

Blocking the repeal of the ACA and the proposed Republican health bills. We also hosted a fundraiser for Brooklyn Defender Services that contributed to their "Know Your Rights" video campaign in multiple languages. That will be share with New York's immigrant community, which is under great threat.

What do you think is the biggest challenge of the current political moment? 

Sustainability - keeping members involved and active. Thinking of how to keep up our own momentum as leaders while also empowering other members to be leaders.

What excites you, if anything, about the current political moment? 

The scale of activism. It's mainstreaming. I cannot tell you how many people I've met over the last 8 or 9 months who have never been activists, or were armchair activists. And once you are an activist, it becomes part of your identity. That has great potential for systemic social change.

What are three other orgs that you want to shout out for their amazing work? 

The Women's March first and foremost. This group of women brought together women and men from across the nation at time when we were all panicking. (At least I was panicking!) After attending, so many people said "What next?" and went on to become full activists. 

Muslim Advocates for their relentless support of immigrants. 

Brooklyn Defender Services for their relentless advocacy and legal support of immigrants in criminal proceedings, who are particularly vulnerable to deportation.

Why are you participating in GroundShift?

I want to spend time with other activists away from the craziness of the city and focus solely on building out and deepening our community. I also want to have the opportunity to sharpen our activist skills.

Duncan Wall