Meet the DJ: Miss Sabado

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As part of our festivities, GroundShift will have an amazing crew of speakers and performers joining us, including Miss Sabado, an NYC-based DJ and performer, curating the line-up for our Saturday night dance party.

In New York, Miss Sabado (Farrah Sabado), hosts The Reunion Party NYC--a unique party experience cultivating dance music culture that supports deeper connections and more meaningful purposes. We are super grateful to have her with us, and spoke to her via email about her latest projects, and what her hopes are for GroundShift:

What are you working on now?

Right now, all my energy is concentrated on this big annual end of summer party that I host on the closing weekend of New York Fall Fashion Week--happening this Saturday, September 16. It’s a gorgeous gathering of people who are trying to shift the focus from “mindless partying” to “partying with a purpose.” This year we'll be raising funds and awareness for recent hurricane disaster relief. After that, it’s back to business. I host a weekly music podcast show called SaturdayMass with Miss Sabado. And I'm making arrangements to relocate upstate this winter to immerse myself fully in music production. Lots of exciting things.

What do you think is the biggest challenge of the current political moment?

I think the biggest challenge is the disconnection among points of view and perspectives that exist across each generation, party, etc. Everyone seems to think their opinions, thoughts, and policies are better than the opposition. But that’s just it--we think in opposition. The root of the problem is a foundation void of humanitarianism and a desire to live in harmony with nature. What if our decisions came out of that place? What our current political structure needs is a massive immersion into the outlook of current affairs by our youth and mothers. Ask a young child what he or she might think about a topic. Or a woman expecting. I have no doubt that they will get back down to the basics, which is a goal to live in harmony. I wonder if there is a way to find that… 

What excites you, if anything, about the current political moment?

There are more and more women emerging onto the political circuit!

What are three other orgs that you want to shout out for their amazing work?

I love iMentor and Emerge NYC, a campaign training program for Democratic women.

I'm also obsessed with the concept of microfinance, especially for women in developing countries. There is an organization called Women’s World Banking, a global nonprofit devoted to giving low-income women access to the financial tools and resources required to build security and prosperity. For single women raising a family, this can be a matter livelihood for herself and the future of her children. 

Why are you excited about GroundShift?

GroundShift is about politics and providing non-conventional ways to educate and show people how to infuse political literacy and practices into their daily lives. I love that. They have a mission to spread consciousness throughout the political sphere, working from the inside out -- it's so needed right now. 

Duncan Wall