Our Core Values

Core Values

As we designed GroundShift, we kept certain key values in mind. These are also the ideas and concepts that animate our expectations for the experience, and that participants are expected to share. We expect them to be dynamic, and part of our collective conversation, so if you have any feedback, please let us know! You can write us at community@groundshift.us. 

Interdependence. Our individual and collective experiences are deeply intertwined. We believe that individual and collective change are connected, and that both are necessary.  

Memory.  We understand that America’s current political crisis is inextricably linked to its historical traumas and struggles. We acknowledge and confront our past as an essential part of building for the future.

Humility. As we address the complexity of the issues we face and propose solutions, we approach this work with humility and curiosity. We are committed to remaining open to different points of view and new information.

Brave Engagement. We consider discomfort to be a part of the process of understanding each other and growing in community. We allow room to make mistakes, balanced with a commitment not to knowingly cause harm.

Radical Inclusion. We believe that social and political change depends on the inclusion and elevation of voices that have historically been marginalized. We are committed to creating spaces and conversations that are responsive to structural inequality and which foster inclusion.

Whole Selves. Politics as usual and societal expectations often ask us to compartmentalize our ways of being. We strive to design an experience in which self-expression is held safely in community.

Empathy. We believe that empathy is the common language of our humanity, while also honoring the intricate diversity of each other’s experience. We are drawn to a dialogue that allows for the meeting of our individual histories.

Transparency. We prioritize information sharing and transparency in support of group accountability and equity.

Hope. We approach this work with collective faith in what we can accomplish together.

Duncan Wall